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Oct. 15th, 2012

Arthur lives

I have a new laptop, well a little netbook which is tiny and adorable and purple! It means I dont have to use dad's computer anymore. So the little netbook is now caled babyArthur and theoretically I should be able to post alot more.

Today I helped dad type his NVQ 3 stuff and ended up doing most of the work (I shouldnt be so good at A: typing and B: Bullshitting :)

I alos had a driving lesson and it went really well even though I only had an hour, so next week I am tackling main roads.

Tomorrow is the job centre that should be fun :(

Aug. 21st, 2012

Love/hate WIPs 1/?

At the moment I am reading a few WIPs Iam not sure about the rules so I am just giving the description and titles. Like the title says I love and hate WIPs because the waiting is agony but I am gripped. Here are my faves at the moment.

Black cat luck by bohemiane on Wattpad which tells the story of the love affair between Mercutio and Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet. It's beautifully written and very steamy not one for the kiddies. Bless the author she lost chapter five and has to redo it but I cant wait to read more. 

Darkest light by witchlyn on Facebook is a fanfiction about after the apocalypse as set in the books by LJ Smith. A really sad tale but worth the read. It is dealing with all the soulmates but there is a gripping undercurrent about Blaise Harman and Phil North which is brilliant. Very, very sad but worth a read.

Liberation by mac-alicious
romance concerning Rose Weasley and Scorpious Malfoy. Really interesting character study of them both. The tone is pitch perfect and very poignant and sweet. 

So these are the fanfics I am dying to have updated. Sigh, but it's a happy sigh. ;)

Aug. 9th, 2012


Its August and I am 27, it seems alot like 26. I am on my fifth driving lessons and I think I have left and right turning down, in a few weeks my driving instructor wants me to try driving back but I am putting that to the back of my mind.  Mostly.

I am still knitting, now a cardigan but I am still on my hat as well.

TVD Is coming out on the 20th so thats something to look forward too. The sun is out and I am going to attempt to do some fanfiction

I am juts updating to assure myself that I am still live and kicking,.


Jul. 11th, 2012

Still not dead

I think this should become my theme. I am still laptopless and I don't see that changing in the near future. Poor Arthur the Laptop has been kidnapped by my brother and is in the depths of his room which is in boy dissaray and I don't want to venture into it, So in the meantime I am on dad's computer but because I ahte the keyboard which makes me feel even more dyslexic because it's old and the keys dont work and or are so stiff they dont actually provide letters,


Last friday I had my first driving lessons and I didn't die, a hadge came close but I have depth perception issues and my instructer said it was fine and that I was average for a beginner. Tomorrow is my next lesson so hopefully I will do better. Right this second I cant remember ANYTHING he told me but hey hopefully it will become muscle memory,

Still searcbing for a job, hopefully becoming a tutor but not with spelling, grammer etc as you can see I am pants at. But organisational stuff and essay stuff which amazingly I am really good at helping other people do but when I try well, I reiterate, pants.

So lots of ideas for fanfics but they are stalled because I dont want them on dads computer because well, fanfiction. But its all still churning. Aren't you glad

Jun. 3rd, 2012

Diamond jubilee

The British weather proved itself today, last week was beautiful but today was awful weather. The Queen looked lovely in white and she stood for ages. There were alot of boats, I mean alot! The poor singers were drenched but they sounded beautiful. I feel very poorly 

May. 17th, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Or something, :)

Alot of nothing has been ajppening lately, I am unemployed again which is fun and the job centre is just as fun to deal with. I have lost Arthur the laptop because he needs to be fixed and so I am using fad's computer which is fine but the keyboard is really stiff. I am really begining to like 'Two broke girls' which I know has garnered complaints about racial stereotyping but I would argue its no worse then what is on other shpws, I mean I adore the big bang theory but they are no strangers to stereotypes either,

I am very excited for the doctor who experience in Cardiff in July and if I can get tickets It will be my bday pressie (27 years old ;/ )

Mar. 25th, 2012

Ballet fest

So its been a really good week for ballet lovers. First there was the cinema run of Romeo and Julliet live from the Royal Opera House. Lauren Cuthbertson was a beautiful Juliet, so full of character, she really brought her to life and Federick was an adorable Romeo. I felt really bad for Tybalt, although i was very funny that Romeo was mooning over Rosaline and she prefferred Tybalt lol.

I felt for Tybalt because from his POV he sees Romeo mooning over Rosaline and ten minutes later he's seducing Juliet, not a great angle right?

The cinema was quite crowded and the peformance was great (praying for a dvd release)

The next day on friday was the live stream from the Royal Ballet which I missed first time round because I was at work but saw most of the repeated stream before Arthur, my laptop decided to die (he's very poorly.) So I am more in love with Ballet then ever and it breaks my dyspraxic heart :(

The camera loved Edward Watson, they focused on him alot, he's am amazing dancer, so strong and has an impressive......package, I guess you would say. What? He's in tights I had to notice lol.

Feb. 14th, 2012

The knitting bug continues

I have finished my purple lace gloves with the help of my mentor the master yoda of knitting Katie


Feb. 5th, 2012


Pick up the nearest book to you

Turn to page 45

The first sentence will describe your sex life for 2012

"Why claim that it was easier to care for, as I usually did? After all I'd come here to confess and get help-I might as well get on with it." The Host my Stepenie Meyer, page 45

Jan. 3rd, 2012

Fanfiction: Tybalt/Benvolio untitled 50 sentences part 1

Title:Untitled 1/?
Summery: Tybalt and Benvolio in 50 sentences
Disclaimer: I don't own this! And I'm pretty sure this isn't what Shakespeare had in mind for these particular characters
Rating: PG
Special thanks to my amazing beta reader dollarformyname

Tybalt and Benvolio in 50 sentences part 1Collapse )

So end of part one

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